Puller Chronicles is the first volume of Meriwether Ball's book series. 

She reveals the heroic ancestral faith - and the mysteries and secrets within the life and family of Lt. Gen. Lewis B. Puller - the greatest U.S. Marine who ever lived. 

Meriwether Ball reveals the deep faith borne of Lt. Gen. Lewis Burwell Puller's Colonial Episcopalian roots. 

Miss Ball's shared ancestry with the most famous and well-respected Marine in U.S. history led to research discoveries explaining his secret familial devotion - that life nor death could transcend.

In this first volume she begins to explore the acts of devotion previously unrevealed - which secretly defined the five-time Navy Cross recipient. 

Written in narrative first-person, Miss Ball opted to respect the healthy skepticism of Marine history enthusiasts by showing rather than telling how and with whom research was acquired.

Perhaps the Good General came by his undaunted courage far more naturally than anyone has ever known before now.

"I am a Marine veteran, so what is not to like. The Colonel, as we knew him, loved the Corps and in turn his Marines.. The Col. was a bit before my time, however, I did serve with some senior Marines who had served under the Col..Need a role model, here he is." 

"Dear Miss Meriwether, Thank you for this beautiful piece of work. I fell in love with each person you introduced me to through this book." 

"This book is well written and is the story that needs to be told. As a retired Marine we are very aware of what Chesty's military career was. But there has never been a book written about his faith and family. For those of us that serve that is what drives us."